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Full Circle

Posted at — May 18, 2020

When I applied to RC in 2015 I didn’t have any code that was public, so I wrote a small color-perception game in python. Here‘s the original repository.

It’s a pretty simple game. The goal is to pick the square that has a different color from the rest of the grid. As you progress through levels, the size of the grid increases and the differece between the winning square and the rest of the grid becomes less obvious. You have 30 seconds to find as many winning squares as possible.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been learning React and I was struggling to do that while at the same time progressing with the main project I’ve been working on. I decided to take a step back and focus on something simpler that would allow me to understand React without other “distractions”, so I recreated the colors game using React.

Focusing on something simpler made it much easier to understand the basics of React, and it felt nice to go back to my first project and polish it a bit - this version is so much prettier than the firt one!

Here‘s the final version. What’s your best score?